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Entertainment | Karisma dan Kehebatan Bintang Kpop 92-Liner

Hari ni aku update entry lagi weii.. Entry pasal idol2 dari 92-Line.Why 92-Line?? Sebab diorang kelahiran tahun 1992 seperti aku..Haa, sesuaila untuk jadi kriteria calon "suami idaman" aku gituhh,hahaha...Huis,perasan nau😝

Okla, ni info2 pasal diorang yang aku cedok sumbernya dari blog Soompi. Nak baca dari artikel asal, bukak Kat Sini

A charmer with an easygoing personality, Seunghoon can be surprisingly charismatic while he is performing or greeting fans. Do not let his bright smile fool you, this light-hearted character loves to impress with his bold allure.

 ⓑ DEAN:
A successful singer-songwriter and producer, DEAN has never let his young age deter him from his music carreer. He has now become a famous figure in the K-pop industry, and continues to gain popularity with his music and determined personality!

Dongjun is respected as a powerful vocalist in the Korean music industry, but his accomplishments do not stop there. His small stature is misleading, as he is a force to be reckoned with in almost any athletic competition.

Hyunsik is a muscular individual with a strong impression, and even the older members of BTOB know that they can not beat him. Despite being in the middle of the age scale in BTOB, he proceeds through group activities with respect from the other members. He likes to surprise with an adorable gummy eye-smile, proving he might be a human teddy bear.

L’s personality is so unique that fans like to call him by two different names depending on his persona. We have L, the charismatic idol and actor, who is the undisputed face of INFINITE. Then we have Myungsoo, a fun and slightly dorky individual. Whether we are looking at his sexy idol image or his goofy nature, we can not help but fall for L!

I firmly believe that certain levels of sass can be translated into charisma! VIXX is full of strong personalities and Ken’s disposition does not lose to any of them. Even though he can be sexy on stage, his bold sass is strangely alluring!

U-Kwon often appears to be cold and intriguing in his position as a vocalist and dancer. Although his charisma is undeniable, he has one of the most angelic smiles in Block B.

Zico is the sophisticated leader of Block B, and he is also recognized as an influential producer. Despite his young age, Zico has made many changes in the Korean idol industry, as he breaches the line between hip hop rappers and idol rappers.

Sungjun tends to be one of the most charismatic members in his group, and Boys Republic’s parody magazine of Men’s Health proves he has the build to suit his manly image.

The face of EXID, Hani is the queen of reverse charm. She is either the embodiment of a confident and provocative performer, or she is a fun and somewhat clumsy ball of fluff. While her laugh can not be beat, we love her poised and alluring stage performances!

Both of these beautiful ladies could kill with confidence while they perform. Despite their sweet nature, charisma is obviously evident in both of them when they own the stage!

Crush is a popular R&B and hip hop singer with a killer falsetto that he uses to charm fans in most of his songs. Even though he describes himself as weird, shy, and nice, we see charisma in this talented solo artist! He has proven that he is also good at something unexpected with his recent and unusual award.

It may seem like a stretch to label these three members of EXO as charismatic, as the ’92 line of EXO usually appear to be bright and cheerful. However, there is no denying that Chanyeol can show off charisma when he is rapping, and Chen can impress with his dancing. Fans are still trying to figure out what Baekhyun did in EXO’s “Monster” music video, but he does appear to be charismatic!

ⓜ HyunA:
HyunA has not only broken down a lot of barriers in K-pop with her sexy performances, but she has also achieved a considerable amount of fame for her young age. Not afraid to get tattoos and perform sultry dances on stage, HyunA continues to show off her confidence and individuality!

A quiet and well-mannered man is appealing in his own way, and MONSTA X’s Shownu is the perfect example. He quietly watches over his group as they pursue their activities with vigilance. His commitment as a leader and as a talented dancer is impressive. Despite his large muscular stature and impressive dancing skills, fans know that Shownu is actually more of a friendly giant than an overly charismatic leader.

Baro has begun to evolve into a more charismatic person as time passes, and he is becoming the appealing rapper of B1A4. B1A4 appears to be keeping its fun and softer image, so it is interesting to see how he evolves with the group over the years.

Likewise, Sandeul is gaining more recognition for his vocal skills. The singer is quite popular on MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” and has won multiple times.

The oldest member of BTS, Jin has to be spirited to survive such a young and active group! Every member acknowledges him as the visual of the group, but it takes more than a handsome face to be considered charismatic. While ARMYs like to refer to Jin as the “pink princess” most of the time, it is obvious that he has charisma. This charisma is visible in his confidence and vivid stage manner!


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