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Review: Showtime Infinite Ep. 6

Infinite members who are gathered at the company building.Sungyeol tiada bersama krn belum pulang dari hutan.

Mission question: Betting King Infinite, what type of bets are you doing these day?

- Official betting king in Infinite is Sunggyu, Woohyun, and Sungyeol.Usually, Infinite members who are betting manias.
Sunggyu: We're done many betting games.
Sungjong: yes, many.
Sunggyu: We decide almost everything with rock, paper, scissors.
Hoya: The person who wins of the rock,paper,scissors games actually is Woohyun.

To decide the king of bets, member recommend a game they have confidence in.They will go through 6 rounds of games.Individual game's king(winner). The punishment and the one who does the punishment will be dicided by the king.

1) FIRST GAME: Body warm up,Hoya's recommendation "protect the land"
- The person who manages to throw the item closes to the line wins.The item will be chosen through a game of luck.
- Games of luck items (mengikut turutan pemain):
• Basketball- Dongwoo
• Bottle cap- Hoya
• Ping pong ball- Woohyun
• Shoe- Sungjong
• Button-L
• Coin- Sunggyu

- Result:
1st place: Woohyun
2nd place: L
3rd place: Sunggyu
4th place: Hoya
5th place: Dongwoo
6th place: Sungjong

- Betting King's Woohyun chosen punishment is?
Woohyun: Let's choose with rock,paper,scissors.The one who choose the same as me gets it. Woohyun: show paper. L,Sunggyu: show Rock. Hoya: scissors.Sungjong and Dongwoo: paper.( differing from Woohyun's paper, Sunggyu,L,Hoya are free) Basketball Dongwoo vs Shoe Sungjong.Depending on the luck of both.Woohyun's result is rock. Dongwoo: scissors & Sungjong: Rock. The penalty for Sungjong is doodle his face.It has to be on the face from the first start game till the end.

2) SECOND BETTING GAME: Keep the tissue in the air.(Woohyun recommended)
- keep the tissue in the air.Put the tissue on and the one who keeps it flying for the longest wins.
Dongwoo: 5.15 seconds
L: 5.05 seconds
Hoya: 4.93 seconds
Woohyun: 9.66 seconds (1st)
Sunggyu: 3.9 seconds
Sungjong: 2.33 seconds (Last)

- 2nd betting match, Woohyun wins the 'keep the tissue in the air' game.Woohyun memilih ditempat terakhir Sungjong menjalankan hukumannya.Hukumannya adalah pergi ke supermarket dgn mukanya diconteng tadi.

3) THIRD BETTING CHALENGE: Dongwoo's recommendation 'Son Byeong Ho' games.
- Son Byeong Ho game: not folding all the fingers.The last person who stays will be the king.Game dimulakan dgn Sungjong.
SJ: Fold your finger if you are older than me.(Woohyun, Sunggyu, Hoya,Dongwoo,L fold their one finger)
Woohyun: Fold your finger if you're the only one putting on heavy make-up today.( Sungjong orangnya)
Sunggyu: fold your finger if you are younger than me.
Hoya: fold your finger if you have finished eating ice cream.(ketika ini mrk tgh makan ais krim yg dibeli Sungjong td.Except Hoya and Dongwoo,all members have finished eating)
Dongwoo: Fold your finger if you wear vest.(Sungjong orgnya)
L: fold your finger if you do Son Byeong Ho game with your left hand.(Sungjong the only one firmly using his left hand.Fail positioning: LEE SUNGJONG ELIMINATED)
Woohyun: emm..(diamkan diri saja shingga Sunggyu menegurnya)
Sunggyu: What are you doing?
Woohyun: fold your finger if you are angry right now.i am angry right now.I am getting crazy bcause i get angry.(Sunggyu contributing his one finger at the end)
Sunggyu: i am seriously, from our company CEO i have ever get advice to leave the group from our CEO.(Dongwoo automatically bending his head and folding his finger. Woohyun's one finger is still wandering arounds.Sunggyu said to Woohyun, "Lets fold it bcause i know about that". Then, Woohyun terkeluar dari game.)
Hoya ask to Dongwoo: wait,hyung also?
Dongwoo: i got it many times
Sunggyu: he got many times.he got it after debuting
Dongwoo: and before debuting also.
Even Sunggyu himself also fold his finger.Sunggyu said, he almost got kicked when promoting Nothing's Over.
Woohyun: Hoya, didn't you get one as well?
Sunggyu: You got look like getting it earlier than us.
Hoya: i seem to get one, but i get no such request!
Sunggyu and Woohyun whisper: so he only talked that to us.Woohyun ask to Hoya: did you hear it?(Hoya hanya mengangguk sambil ketawa)
Sunggyu ask to L: You haven't ever got advice to leave right?Woohyun: he's handsome so (L just smile)
Hoya: fold your finger if you wear accessories.(including Sunggyu, this line: Sunggyu, Woohyun,Sungjong EXTERMINATION.Remaining player L, Dongwoo, Hoya)
Dongwoo: Honestly, honestly you want to leave now.(person who want to leave for a far trip.Dongwoo voluntary elimination.L fold his finger too)
Hoya: I am the curly hair. (L get shot accurate.Hoya win.The curly hair, the last player L get eliminated.)

-Third betting challenge, Son Byeong Ho game challenge king,Hoya.Excluding himself, scissors,rock,paper among the members.Hasilnya, Woohyun yg dikenakan denda.Woohyun's penalty until the next game, mike off and mask on.

4) FOURTH BETTING CHALLENGE: Sungjong recommendation: taking cute photos.
- First challenger, excitement maker Dongwoo.The second challenger,selca master L.(puppy face by L,eye smile, and dimple installation).Third challenger,Sungjong.Fourth challenger,Sunggyu.The fifth challenger,zero aegyo Hoya.The sixth challenger aegyo trainer Woohyun.(Without mic, 3 set of heart attack start.)

** mrk selca dgn menggunakan apps yg lbh krg sama dgn SNOW apps yg ada di Google play**

-until the last one, Woohyun taking photo is completed.The staff's objective evaluation time.
Nominee 1: overused wink puppy Dongwoo
Nominee 2: heart aggressive kitten L
Nominee 3: Is it make up or synthetic Sungjong
Nominee 4: Kyukyu's Kyuu Sungyu
Nominee 5: Not even learning about the word aegyo Hoya.
Nominee 6: Exploding with words and hearts Woohyun.

- Taking cute photos competition.The honour of second place goes to God of Selcas,L.Fourth betting competition, the king of taking cute photos, Sunggyu.Di tempat terakhir, adalah Hoya hasil pemilihan dari Sunggyu. In the same time, Woohyun escaping the staying silent punishment.Woohyun yg diberikan semula micnya m'cadangkan aegyo 3 sets utk denda Hoya.Woohyun menunjukkan cara melakukannya terlebih dahulu.Kemudian, barula Hoya lakukannya dgn berat hati.

5) FIFTH BETTING COMPETITION: Sunggyu recommendation 1,2,3 game.
- 1,2,3 game, instead of the number 3,6,9 you clap when there's a 1,2, or 3.The loser will just go out straight away.
**aku pun xberapa faham dgn game ni**
- Mereka memulakan game.Clap twice for 11, Woohyun confidently claps once.So, just get out for now.Without Woohyun, starting again.Survival 1,2,3 game, Sungjong's number 20.He needed to clap once.So,just get out for now.Tom & Jerry line chosen as today's holes,Woohyun & Sungjong.
-Dongwoo, the sound of his hearts that escaped his lips.Excited Dongwoo eliminated.Hoya speedy elimination when her voice out.The 1,2,3 final match that makes your palm sweet, L & Sunggyu.At the end of an intense close match GeniusGyu wins.
-Time for the fifth punishment.L , Dongwoo the two haven't received punishment yet.After consideration, the punishment that Sunggyu chose is? Suddenly,a past incident comes to mind.
Sunggyu: Long time ago,when we debuted i was in the center.But suddenly i was pushed away from the center position.Do you remember who that friend was right?I'm thinking about erasing that friend's face.
-That person is L.On his face have a mosaic.Last consideration for the next competition,specially revealing the bottom half of his face.

6)THE SIXTH BETTING GAME: L's recommendation: sneezing the fastest.
- using any helper possible,if you sneeze the fastest you win.They use tissue.
-Hoya's sneeze that breaks the silence.In the midst of a mosaic,consecutively L succeeds in sneezing.
-Hoya said he will choose last 3 places.Sunggyu was afraid to let Hoya finish talking,so the sneeze came out.The sixth betting competition,the king of the sneezing quickly competition,Hoya.L finally the mosaic ends.The punishment that Hoya gives is?
Hoya: honestly, i'm a bit hungry.I think i want to eat Ddukbbokki, spicy rice cake.I will randomly pick the people who will go to buy the food. (L,Dongwoo, Woohyun was chosen)
- L,Dongwoo, and Woohyun sampai di restoran.Mreka makan dahulu di restoran sblum pulang.Sblum mknn yg di order sampai,mreka betting utk menentukan siapa yg akn byr harga mknn mrk.Yg kalah adlh Dongwoo.Makanan sampai, mrk pun mkn.Slowly being forgotten are the 3 players in the practise room.L,Dongwoo,Woohyun gmbira dan xmerasakan ia satu denda.Selesai makan,mrk pun pulang dgn mknn utk member2 mrk.Msg2 pun menikmati mknn itu.The sun went down on a peacefully and happy night of Infinite.Betting kind the end.

-However, a few days later,it doesn't end when it ends.Betting King competition at Han River Park.Sungyeol pun telah kembali.
- The final betting,Spin with an elephant's nose,then throw the knit hat off your head far away.
-The first attempter L, coated in cuteness.L throw not a foul.Because it passed the line. Woohyun who cleans up and return.Since he went up, he participates.
- Third runner, Hoya.Fourth Sungjong .
-Fifth challenger Dongwoo.Like a scorpion Dongwoo falls over the line in front of him.(sama dgn scorpion dance BTD song)
- The sixth challenger, Sunggyu.Sunggyu throw in a straight line with the starting line.
-Last challenger,Sungyeol.The wool hat that stays stuck like gum.
- Woohyun at first place, king of bets.Wins 3 times in a row,protect the land, keep the tissue in the air,throw the knit hat.The penalty to Sungyeol is taking his top off.The final penalty course is to run and come back 



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