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Review: Showtime Infinite Ep. 1

1) Member infinite dikehendaki mmilih 1 daripada 6 biji kreta utk melaksanakan misi yg diatur oleh sang leader Sunggyu. Masing2 mendpt kreta auto hasil drpd undian pemilihan kunci.Tetapi hnya Hoya mndpt kreta manual yg lama.Hoya berasa risau pd mulanya utk memandu kreta itu tp dia selesa akhirnya memandu.Tepat jam 12 tgh mlm, mrk perlu buka radio.

→ Sungyeol & Sungjong got the white hatchback car
→ Dongwoo got the national car of Republic Korea.
→ L got a chic black sedan
→ Woohyun got a heavy SUV
→ Sunggu got a sport car
(Sungyeol teringin nak mmandu sport car tp sayangnya dia xdapat.)

2) Selepas 2 jam driving, tepat pkul 12, msg2 memasang radio spt yg dijnjikan.DJ Sungyu ke udara. Sunggyu menyiapkan ssuatu utk member2nya bg mengingati knangan2 saat2 sebelum hgga slepas debut mreka.

" Infinite's time between today and tomorrow.Night-time Gyu Gyu gyu!. In 2010, at the Vancouver Olympics, Kim Yuna won a gold medal by beating the world record.At the 82nd Acadamy Awards, the 3D movie Avatar got many awards.Then, on June 9th, do you remember?" -SUNGGYU

(Sungjong, Sungyeol,L,Hoya said Infinite debut!)

"The popular group Infinite has debuted.If you listen to it, it looks like...SURPRISE! Infinite who has debuted 6 years ago in 2010.This is surprise Guerilla Radio just for Infinite.'Night-Time Gyu Gyu Gyu'. This is cute DJ Sunggyu.Infinite's reality show after a year.Showtime Infinite! To the viewers who we haven't introduced ourselves to,let's all greet them together after i say 1,2,3.."- SUNGGYU

(They introduced themself)

" There will be some who haven't understood the situation.So i will explain.Right now, i'm in a recording studio and recording this live.I can comfortably play our songs.Then i will play a song i want as the first song."- S.G.

(Different ways of enjoying "come back again" in their ways.)

" Did you listen well.This first song was infinite's debut song, come back again.I remember this time, just to learn dance for a few months, we didn't sleep and hurt our legs and practiced really hard, we woke up early and stretched together. We worked really hard then." -S.G

3) DJ Kyu's suggestion to prevent driving while sleepy.
"Anyways, since the time is late.While you drive, i can't make you sleepy.So i will try to limit myself.They say that this is trending: cheesy your own individual way please interpret this comment while in your car.I will show how to do it first.You can do it cheesily as you can"-S.G.

(Mrk pun masing2 buat aegyo yg dimulakan dgn Sunggyu. Aegyo i want drink sul.What sul?Your Ipsul.(Lips))

4) Then, Sungyu meminta semua member buka tingkap kereta.Dan setelah itu, Sunggyu menyuruh mreka melambaikan tgn pd pemandu kereta sebelah mrk dan menegur mreka. Msg2 melakukannya.


5) Seterusnya, Sunggyu akan menceritakan kisah2 tentang member2nya.

" There is one member who gumbles.In my eyes, person's charm in his straight-forward, no obstacles,honesty."

(Woohyun meneka ini kisah Sungyeol.Sungyeol juga teka dirinya juga.)

"He started doing things that he normally doesn't do.He follows the gentle actions that a different member does.To fans, he say "Honey". For some reason, he does things like this.In my opinion, this is when the fans started going away.So Sungyeol became sad.And he went to have alcohol time."-S.G.

"In my opinion, people started to leave since then.At that time, this friend's sadness was seen.But he has reason why he became bright again.Not long ago at a fortune cafe.This person is going to be great starting from next year. It seems like he really became a livelier person after visiting the fortune cafe.But he sort of regretted going after telling us about it.Sungyeol-ah, about your mentor being the fortune teller, next time with hyung,lets find a more famous place and go together.Sungyeol-ah, hwaiting"-Sunggyu

(Masing2 pun memberi love hearts utk Sungyeol.)

6) Mereka mencari night snack utk dimakan smentara menanti kisah kedua.Mrk dikehendaki ke kedai serbaneka berhampiran dan beli mknn.

Sunggyu di studio membuat andaian L akan mmbeli onigiri kerana sepanjang mrk trainee, L akan makan onigiri apabila dia lapar.Ternyata tepat andaiannya.L mmg beli onigiri dan energy drink.

7) Driving start again.

"In our team, there's someone who our fans call a perfect/ flawless guy."

(Self-nominated 1: Hoya- Hoya memilih dirinya sdri
Self-nominated 2: Woohyun
Self-nominated 3: L- jgk pilih dirinya)

" His face is good-looking, and he's good at acting and singing...So he has heard many things about whether or not he became a singer through his good looks.
But the one who became a singer through his good looks is me." -S.G

"Anyway, i'm not very sure but this person's charm is not just his looks, but also his quiet and patient personality. When we were at our peak, and had many things to do, there was once we went in front of a fish market.There was a strength display show right before us & the ground was filled with broken + dirty eggs.While, we started our activities dazedly, this person seemed to show many of his virtues on that day.The members were all concerned about getting the eggs on themselves.But this person never showed a bit of disdain about it."

"Falling and getting up to dance again and again.I thought about that.This person, although he's a donsaeng, he's very reliable.Although people only looks at his face, i think that he has a lot more good things about him aside from that.To the extent that you won't know if he's upset because of how quiet he is? Look here friend, i know better than anyone how much affection you have for Infinite, so will you please tells us that sometimes? Kimchi stew, fedoras,checkered shirts, don't just focus on things like those, will you give some attention to Infinite too? L-ah! Myungsoo-yah, please okay?. For our L, everyone, lets immerse our hearts in this healing song."-S.G.


" For L, a song that i myself haven't listened to in  a while.This was used as our ending song for our concerts, sang for the fans, but to you Myungsoo, from me and the other members, we hope you can share ur worries with us sometimes. And not keep them all to urself." -S.G.

 " Recently, there has been someone who's having a hard time and looks pitiable from my point of view.With his passion to stand on the stage, this friend even abandoned school to come to Seoul and practiced harder than anyone else."

(Sungyeol meneka Hoya)

" With his scorpion dance, he let Infinite be recognized for being knife-sharp choreography idols, to the extent that Infinite's choreographies have to all be approved by him now.But, recently he put aside his determination and because of his worsening leg injury, it's harder now for this friend to dance as passionately as he used to before.No matter how hard he grit his teeth to dance, he came back with criticisms that he could've done better." -S.G.

" How suffocating it must have had been for this person, who had more passion in dancing than anyone else.When he had to sit down while performing at a concert where we met our fans.How hard it is, in his own words, it felt like hell.Friend, no matter how small something is, the members know everything.So please don't overdo it.Please, believe in us only and focus on recovery for now.Hoya hwaiting!" -S.G.

(Member2 mmberi kata2 semangat pd Hoya)

" Out of all of us, there is a member who is responsible for the member's laughter.He always speaks a lot and is very loud, but this friend appearence is bright and generous to the public.Truthfully, this friend is a very introverted person.He may be openly called a bluffer."

(L teka Woohyun)

"But even at the smallest mistake he can't sleep at night.This friend is in a huge slump for since after debut.He had a hard time with his continuous schedules and the responsibility he had to carry alone on stage.There were fans who could not accept this friend who was always bright, turned into a reserved person.I of course  have also  gotten mad at that friend even big arguments.

But one day, seeing him crying alone behind the stage, i became to regret it.Woohyun, from now on i will treat you better, so as much as i am to you.I would like it if you let us become friends that we can confess whatever to.Also, this is a favor to ask, but from now on, can you less focus on soccer and talking more to me?"-S.G.

#Play song for Woohyun: Play: JUST ONCE- JAMES INGRAM

10) Night time gyu gyu gyu tamat.Mreka prlu ke lokasi yg tlh Sunggyu berikan alamatnya.Lagu terakhir dimainkan sepanjang perjlnan mrka,dimana lagu yg mereka sllu nyanyikan bersama sepanjang tempoh mrk msih trainee.


Mereka sampai di drive-in theater.Sunggyu juga sampai disana.Sunggyu tlh menyediakan video yg ditayangkan di skrin besar, iaitu video konsert pertama mereka di Korea.Mereka menonton dan mengenangkan kembali detik2 di konsert itu.



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